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About us

World Horti Center is the knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture. A leading platform where business, education, research and government jointly innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge.

Every year, World Horti Center is visited by 25,000 international professionals, who are looking for connection, knowledge and innovations in horticulture. We connect parties who want to contribute in sustainable food supply and greening the world. Leading horticultural companies and innovations are represented at our year-round trade fair. Here is a complete reflection of technology, supply, floriculture and food horticulture.

In order to continue to innovate and maintain its lead as an international sector, World Horti Center has a state-of-the-art research center with 38 greenhouse departments where researchers, entrepreneurs and various education institutions jointly conduct research. In addition, World Horti Center offers a learning environment for global talent and we work together with leading (green) universities.

World Horti Center is a unique collaboration between education, research, entrepreneurs and the government with an international focus. MBO Westland, Demokwekerij Westland, WHC Expo bv and Municipality of Westland together form World Horti Center.

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