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Municipality of Westland

Westland is the largest contiguous greenhouse horticultural community in the world and has a unique economic strength that is associated with great social responsability. The uniqueness of the Westland region is the cluster of greenhouse-related companies and sectors that jointly provide solutions to food, water and energy issues. Examples of greenhouse horticultural companies include: importers, exporters, growers, transport and packaging companies, suppliers and seed breeding companies.

With a gross municipal product of € 4.1 billion, Westland belongs to the top ten of Dutch municipalities when it comes to the added value of economic activities and is a municipality of global economic significance.

In order to stay internationally competitive, development in knowledge and innovation is essential. The base for innovation in the (glass) horticulture sector continues to be education and knowledge development, in close cooperation with entrepreneurs.

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With the birth of World Horti Center, Westland provides the international knowledge and innovation center of the international (glass) horticulture sector. A center that innovates, connects, creates and inspires business, education and government.

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