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All Climate Greenhouse

This technical tour de force was built in a research department of the World Horti Center.

What is unique about the All Climate Greenhouse is that it is really two greenhouses: a large greenhouse as the outer shell, containing a somewhat smaller greenhouse with two sections. Any outdoor climate in the world can be reproduced in the outer greenhouse, after which it is possible to examine in the inner greenhouse how the cultivation of various crops can be optimised in that climate. 

It is fitting that the All Climate Greenhouse was opened by students in the presence of all the businesses actively involved with World Horti Center. The remarkable ‘greenhouse within a greenhouse’ will mainly be used for education, whereby the technology and tools are being provided by the participating businesses. The All Climate Greenhouse is thereby not just a technological tour de force that has arisen from the collaboration between various greenhouse horticulture businesses, but also the Netherlands’ most ingenious classroom. “Our incubator for horticultural talent now has a unique teaching environment for both MBO (intermediate vocational education) and HBO (higher vocational education),” says Atie de Gier, principal of MBO Westland.

During the opening, Representative Adri Bom from Zuid-Holland Provincial Executive stressed the importance of a practical teaching environment. Rinke Zonneveld, as the representative of Team Smart Industry, presented the Fieldlab quality mark for the All Climate Greenhouse. In Fieldlabs the participants share knowledge and combine forces on the interface between education and business. 

The All Climate Greenhouse has been developed by various businesses that participate in World Horti Center. Demokwekerij Westland, BOM Group, Ridder Group, Priva, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Hortilux Schréder, AAB NL and Stolze have worked together to make this unique technological triumph of greenhouse horticulture possible.

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