The Netherlands is known as the healthiest region of the world, and within it, Westland is renowned as an area where production, logistics and innovation meet. It is therefore not surprising that in the heart of Dutch greenhouse horticulture, health and ultimate taste experience are combined. The World Horti Center restaurant 'Flavours' is inspired by and intended for the sector. This catering facility is accessible to persons who operate within the greenhouse horticulture.

Van Leeuwen Food & Concepts provides the catering facilities within World Horti Center. All according to the Dutch Cuisine principle: we use freshly prepared, responsible and craft products that nature offers us in the direct environment. This principle is carried out in close collaboration with Niven Kunz, patron cuisinier of restaurant Niven in Rijswijk.

With 100 companies presenting themselves on the exhibition floor, the research center with its 38 departments, over 1,200 students and 25,000 professional visitors every year, Van Leeuwen does not have to be bored at World Horti Center for the next ten years. Both parties want to innovate and inspire and this is reflected in this sustainable cooperation.

A visit to our restaurant brings a stimulus of the taste buds.

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