23.05.2019 & 24.05.2019


The AFS LATAM Summit is the first sustainable agricultural summit that aims to share experience, knowledge and technology with Latin America.

The AFS LATAM Summit - The Netherlands 2019 is the first agri-food sustainability summit focused on sharing dutch experience, knowledge and technology with Latin America.

  • The main objectives of this summit are:
  • Explore new business opportunities and collaboration between Latin America and he Netherlands in the agril-food sustainability sector.
  • Share knowledge, experience and technology of the Netherlands in the agricultural food sustainability sector with Latin America. 
  • Promote organic and low carbon food production.
  • Encourage the avoidance of using artificial fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetically modified organisms.
  • Promote sustainable soil fertility to ensure the future of production in agri-food.

Several interesting speakers are part of the AFS LatAm Summit program including:

  • Adrian de Groot Ruiz, True Price
  • Mark Zwinkels, World Horti Center
  • Mariska Dreshler, Green Tech
  • Darinel Herrera, AFS LATAM SUMMIT
  • Donatello Piras, moderator

AFS LATAM SUMMIT 2019 is the most important meeting place for Dutch and Latin American startups, companies, governments and universities that are engaged in the agro-food sustainability of fruit and vegetables. Tickets are available through the link below.