Innovation MeetUp: High Risk

Next level Risk Management in circulair horticulture

In circular horticulture there no longer is any waste, but only residual flows that are reused. Residual flows from other sectors, such as livestock farming, are also used as a raw material in horticulture. These circular chains pose potential risks in the phytosanitary field and in the field of public health. How do you keep track of these chains and how do you manage both phytosanitary and global health risks? What measures must be taken? What can we learn from previous experiences and which technological solutions are possible? In this MeetUp we will look at the next step from a few practical cases.


Dr. Hans Maurer, chairman of the United Fresh New Zealand Technical Advisory Group, will be the keynote speaker during the event. Chairmen of the Innovation Meetup High Risk are Clemens Stolk (The Innovation Broker) and Harrij Schmeitz (Technology Pull). You can already make a note in your diary on Thursday afternoon, November 7 from 12:30 - 18:00. The further implementation of the program will follow at a later time.

Attendance is open to those who have received a personal invitation. Those who have not received an invitation but would like to attend the event can file a request for an invitation via the button below.