Research Impact Event

How can more impact be generated from public / private partnerships on social agendas?

For scientific research to be an answer to the rapid social and technological developments in the Horticulture & Propagation Materials sector, then that research must actually have IMPACT. Top sector T&U organizes in collaboration with AESIS Network a theme afternoon on IMPACT on December 10, 2019.

Experts from inside and outside the Netherlands inform and inspire the guests about the importance of social impact within the T&U sector. We are looking for the most effective approach to demonstrating and stimulating the social impact of scientific research. An important part of the afternoon is the presentation of the Top Sector T&U Impact Award to the researcher who has achieved the most social impact.

Key questions

How can more impact be generated from public / private partnerships on social agendas?
How does excellent science gain value outside of the academic world?
How can the impact of research be demonstrated?

Speakers during the Research Impact Event:

  • Prof. dr. Barend van der Meulen
    Professor of Institutional Aspects of Higher Education at the University of Twente, former Head of Science at Rathenau Institute
  • Dr.ir. Ernst van den Ende
    Director WUR-PSG en lid Topteam Horticulture & Starting Materials
  • Dr.ir. Herry Nijhuis
    Director TTW, NWO
  • Loek Hermans 
    Chair of Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
  • Michiel Roelse 
    Operational director TKI Horticulture & Starting Materials

You can already make a note in your diary on Tuesday December 10 from 12:30 - 18:00. The further implementation of the program will follow at a later time

Attendance is open to those who have received a personal invitation. Those who have not received an invitation but would like to attend the event can file a request for an invitation via the button below.