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The most advanced and leading companies in the horti business are represented at World Horti Center. The year-round trade fair offers a full reflection of technology, supply, flowers and food. Our participants showcase the latest innovations and inform visitors of the latest developments in their field. And vice versa, because with the feedback from this exchange of knowledge, new innovations will be realized even faster. Consider the synergy that emerges when an innovation is being applied to a breeding research at Demokwekerij Westland... In addition, our participants maintain close contact with each other, which means that developments can be accelerated.

Ook is er een nauwe samenwerking met het tuinbouwgerelateerd onderwijs dat binnen World Horti Center wordt aangeboden. Ruim 1.200 MBO Westland-studenten volgen dagelijks hun lessen in het pand. De fysieke nabijheid van het bedrijfsleven stimuleert studenten en biedt beide de kans op een mooie samenwerking.

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