A follow-up to the EAT THIS! webinar series

After five inspirational online sessions, World Horti Center and NethWork will provide a follow-up to the EAT THIS! webinar series. 

They will be launching a new series, in which a number of international speakers will climb onto the digital stage to initiate a discussion between renowned experts in various fields. Based on their field of expertise – whether this is banking or anthropology – the speakers will share their perspective on horticulture and how the sector can give shape to the social context in response to the changes that we are being faced with at an accelerated pace.

Anthropologist Jitske Kramer will be next in line in the weekly EAT THIS! webinar series. On Wednesday, June 24, she will discuss the desire and inclination of individuals and groups for change. Her background, eagerness of learning and love of travel has brought her into contact with various cultures and prompted her to make surprising observations from which organisations and groups will benefit in times of transition.

Her fresh perspective as an outsider in the horticultural sector will shine a new light on organisational cultures, behaviour within sectors and leadership. She knows how to translate this into opportunities for the sector and will stimulate participants to give this topic some serious thought and make their voices heard. Aside from giving the participants the opportunity to ask her a few critical questions, she will speak with Hidde Boersma about her observations and how these affect the horticultural sector. Boersma, in turn, will provide insight into his convictions about ecomodernism, which topic will be addressed in detail during the next webinar on 1 July.

Registration and more information

The series of weekly webinars with leading speakers will continue on Wednesdays at 16:00 CET, as follows:

July 1 - Hidde Boersma & Erin Fitzgerald

July 8th - Erin Fitzgerald & Jasper Claus

July 15 - Jasper Claus & Berry Marttin

22 July - Berry Marttin & Martin Koppert

Participation in the EAT THIS! webinars is free of charge and interesting for professionals in the greenhouse horticulture sector as well as other branches of industry who are interested in transition, leadership and the effects of group dynamics on organisations and sectors.

The recordings of the first five sessions can be viewed via the button below. Rem Koolhaas, Meiny Prins, Henry Gordon-Smith and other world-renowned visionaries shared their vision of ‘The future of Food’.

You can register for the webinar with Jitske Kramer on Wednesday, June 24, at 16:00 CET through the following button.