A vital link in the chain

DailyFresh: a logistics service provider that specialises in arranging the shipping of fresh produce between the Benelux countries and the United Kingdom.

Logistics has become increasingly important for the fresh produce sector over the years. As part of the supply chain, it was therefore essential to have a logistics partner as a participant at World Horti Center. DailyFresh Logistics is proud to play this role, and would like to expand the collaboration within this supply chain. The company would also like to increase awareness of the logistics sector amongst the talent of the future, and is therefore delighted that MBO Westland is based within World Horti Center.

DailyFresh Logistics is a logistics service provider that specialises in arranging the shipping of fresh produce between the Benelux countries and the United Kingdom. DailyFresh was created in 1998 as a joint venture between two haulage companies: Visbeen Transport and Post-Kogeko Logistics. Both companies were involved in shipping fresh produce to the United Kingdom, and were thereby one another’s biggest competitor. By joining forces these parties were able to offer a much more efficient and better organised service. DailyFresh is now an established name in the market, and delivers throughout the country on a daily basis, in the fastest possible way and with the focus on our customers’ requirements.

Daily Logistics Group is ready for Brexit

Since the merger between Visbeen and Post-Kogeko at the start of 2019 DailyFresh has been part of Daily Logistics Group. By merging, the three companies are able to combine their strengths, which means that we can work even more efficiently, offer an even better service and expand our activities further. At the moment DLG is also involved in shipping flowers & plants, frozen products, parcels, retail distribution and container shipping alongside fresh produce.

The merger has made DLG an even more important player within the Dutch logistics sector. The group currently has 540 employees and operates in 32 countries. DLG operates a fleet of 725 trailer units and 270 tractor units. Since the start of 2019 we have also had a company in the United Kingdom called Inter Isle Logistics so that we are even better prepared for the possibility of Brexit.

In recent years increasingly evident climate change and the need for corporate social responsibility have come to play a more significant role within the logistics sector. DLG uses multiple modalities in order to cause fewer carbon emissions and therefore operate in a more sustainable way, and the company is involved with projects to expand this further in the (near) future.

DailyFresh & fresh produce

Before DailyFresh Logistics was founded, both Visbeen and Post-Kogeko had been active in the fresh produce sector for years and transported Dutch produce to the United Kingdom every day. DailyFresh was created in order to be able to operate more efficiently in a dynamic and growing market. DailyFresh has now been in business for 21 years, and has become an essential logistical partner within the fresh produce sector. The companies within DLG have seen the fresh produce sector grow (and flourish) over the years and have grown alongside the sector, creating a real bond.