Achieving the best crop results

Participant Klasmann-Deilmann is constantly looking for high-quality, safe and reusable raw materials in order to achieve the best crop result for growers. But the new ‘Log & Solve’ development is also making a contribution. We felt that this new development was a good excuse to have a chat with Co-Anne van Waaij from Klasmann-Deilmann. 

WHC participation

Substrate supplier Klasmann-Deilmann is an international player where innovation and quality come first. “International employees from Klasmann-Deilmann subsidiaries regularly come to the Netherlands in order to share expertise and knowledge. At World Horti Center we can introduce them to the entire greenhouse horticulture supply chain and important players in horticulture. We think that the events that are organised at World Horti Center are important for developing a good network in the horticulture sector and for encouraging innovation within the sector together,” says Co-Anne.

Log & Solve

Klasmann launched Log & Solve at the start of this year. “It’s a digital dashboard for growers where they can access relevant crop information. This gives a good insight into a crop’s development. This crop data can provide new insights into crop growth or opportunities for crop improvement. The grower can make well-reasoned cultivation decisions on the basis of this, leading to a higher yield. Log & Solve has been developed in collaboration with a group of growers so that it entirely meets their needs. I think it’s worth mentioning that 50 growers are now using the tool every day,” says Co-Anne.

Raw materials

“Another new development is the collaboration that Klasmann-Deilmann has entered into with Shakti Cocos, a leading developer and producer of coconut products. They supply high quality products that fit with the varied international demand for sustainable substrates. GreenFibre, a sustainable wood fibre raw material for substrates from Klasmann-Deilmann, also fits with this. The expansion of a new production facility in Schiedam means that we can meet the increasing demand for this product. Extensive automation means that GreenFibre is being produced 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Isn't that amazing?” says Co-Anne.

Klasmann-Deilmann offers an introduction to Log & Solve in the video below.