Charging Points Unveiled at World Horti Center Parking Lot

A sustainable cooperation between Anexo and World Horti Center

On Thursday 24 September, four new EV charging points were officially launched in the presence of the participating parties on the parking lot of World Horti Center. Emile Croin, Director of Anexo, handed Mark Zwinkels of World Horti Center the plug to connect the charging stations to the network. From now on, the charging points will be available to use for visitors of the knowledge and innovation center.

Anexo and World Horti Center both believe in a sustainable society, the importance of innovation and the need to work together to achieve this. The installation of the charging points on the World Horti Center grounds is a sustainable energy solution that is a result of this cooperation. The urban art drawing that was painted on the parking areas showcases this collaboration and integrates Anexo’s sustainable energy solution with the green and sustainable products of the greenhouse horticultural sector. It is literally a link between the products from both sectors. After the charging points were connected to the network, the participants watched a video about the making of this drawing.

“Anexo has been involved in the knowledge and innovation center since World Horti Center’s first hour, and I am very proud of how well this project reflects our collaboration and adds value for our visitors. We both believe in the power of working together, even though we operate in different sectors. That is exactly why we can provide each other with new insights, which promotes innovation,” Mark Zwinkels of World Horti Center said.

“We responded quickly and enthusiastically to the question of whether Anexo wanted to consider offering charging facilities to World Horti Center’s guests. As part of JUVA Energy Support and, therefore, as a founding father of World Horti Center, Anexo is happy to contribute to the center’s sustainability. Energy and sustainability are important themes for WHC, the region and beyond. Anexo is happy to help customers and partners with total solutions so we can contribute to the sustainability in their energy system,” Emile Croin added.

With the unveiling of the charging points, Anexo is also launching a new service, with which they can help their customers further along in their quest to become more sustainable. Anexo sees that demand for electric transport is increasing and, therefore, the need to charge electric vehicles quickly, safely and easily.

The electric charging facilities offer tax benefits, but it is also compulsory to provide a charging point if you have more than ten parking places on your terrain since the start of 2020. Anexo offers a large range of charging points and fast-chargers that are suitable for all types of electric vehicles. From a single charging point to an extensive fast-charging terminal for lorries.