Close attention to green crop protection

Demokwekerij Westland organized the crop protection days on 3 and 8 October.

The constantly changing regulations around crop protection mean that it’s important for advisers and growers to stay up-to-date with developments in this area. That is why Demokwekerij Westland organised a knowledge event on this topic on 3 and 8 October. Over 230 growers and 100 crop protection advisers attended the demonstrations in World Horti Center research centre.

The results of a total of ten floriculture trials were presented during this biannual event. The programme again demonstrated clearly that green crop protection is an important issue for growers. Topics covered included the dispersion technology for natural predators, and combating powdery mildew in pot plants and red spider mite and thrips in gerberas, roses and chrysanthemums.