DOOR Cooperative focusing on young talent

Cooperative DOOR participante in World Horti Center and we asked Corien Zuijdwegt about the experiences so far. What is the dream of Cooperative DOOR?

The core business of the DOOR Cooperative 

DOOR Cooperative is a professional cooperative run by and for fruit vegetable growers. With five brands, 48 members and around 550 hectares of greenhouse horticulture, we form the House of Leading Brands and have a strong influence on the market. DOOR focuses on sales, marketing and innovation. Through exporters and service providers, our products travel to retailers and caterers across the whole of Europe and beyond.

The role of DOOR is to allow its growers to do business in the best way possible. Our companies must be and remain 'the best in class'. As well as sales and marketing, DOOR specialists provide knowledge development and support in the areas such as quality, sustainable solutions, finance, business development and ICT. 

Working together and sharing knowledge is in our growers' blood. Each brand has its own identity, but they function best under one umbrella.

Why does DOOR participate at World Horti Center?

As a House of Leading Brands, we love to take part in a global knowledge and innovation centre such as the World Horti Center. Collaboration is in our genes and we are looking for a connection with other progressive companies at World Horti Center. If you want to remain a world player, you can't do it alone. Here we meet partners from many areas such as sustainable cultivation, data and other technological developments and product innovations. And we think we can meet and inspire all kinds of young talents at the World Horti Center; from techies to those with green fingers; from energy specialists to trade marketers.

DOOR Cooperative stand concept development

We specifically chose to focus on the 'young people' on our stand at World Horti Center. DOOR and its affiliated companies are growing fast. To be able to develop and continue to grow each of these organisations, we need an influx of well-trained employees who fit within our organisation. We want to connect with young people who would like to work for one of our companies and we want to show them what working in horticulture means.

Together with our partners, we have developed a concept to do this. On our stand, visitors can discover which competence suits them best by means of a user-friendly question and answer game. Are you a Supplier, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Specialist or Connector? For each competence you will find an interview with someone who earns his or her living. In this way, visitors can discover which kind of functions belong to each competency and what the career opportunities are within DOOR.