Webinar series with Thought Leaders and their view on "the future of food"

World Horti Center and NethWork stimulate the discussion about the future of healthy food with inspiring online sessions

The world is changing and as a society we are changing the way we look at social issues and how we treat our planet. How do we ensure sufficient food for the growing world population? How can we use water, soil and energy sustainably? How does healthy nutrition contribute to improving our immunity and health? And can a country become less dependent on imports by producing enough food locally? Horticulture can make a major contribution to these social issues.

With the EAT THIS webinar series, World Horti Center and Nethwork want to connect horticulture to the vision of thought leaders from within and outside the sector. Both organizations are convinced that inspiration stimulates change and improvement and that it’s now more than ever indispensable to look beyond the familiar frameworks. With the series they want to inspire people and create connections in order to trigger new ideas and solutions for the future.

Rem Koolhaas first keynote on May 6
Architect Rem Koolhaas kicks off this series of interactive sessions on May 6. The renowned architect, journalist and writer shares his vision of the future through his most recent work, the exhibition "Countryside the Future" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

For the ‘Countryside - the Future’ exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum he has outlined the important role of horticulture in solving the global food issue. To emphasize this, a state-of-the-art production unit has been placed on 5th Avenue where tomatoes, despite the closure of the museum, are being harvested. This very literally brings rural innovation to the city and builds a bridge to a society in which horticulture is more physically embedded.

Sidekick Clemens Driessen

Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen UR, is the conversation partner of Rem Koolhaas on 6 May. He will take over the lectern for the webinar on 13 May. Clemens will delve into the history of horticulture and gives his unique view of the future of the sector. His expertise and experience makes him an excellent connector of the past, present and future.


The Corona crisis makes it more apparent than ever before that food and health are essential and vital. This offers an unprecedented opportunity for the horticultural sector to enter into dialogue with international society. EAT THIS offers an online, international platform to facilitate and deepen the discussion about healthy food, produced in a sustainable and efficient manner.

If you would like to attend an online session (English spoken) with Rem Koolhaas on May 6 at 4:00 PM CET, click on the button for more information.

Photo: AMO