First step towards Indian horticulture expertise centre 

Dutch Greenhouse Delta signs memorandum for long-term partnership in India.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta has concluded a partnership for the next two years with INDUCED, it’s first Indian partner. The memorandum of understanding was signed today at the Agro Tech India Conference. INDUCED is part of leading food and dairy company Tasty Dairy Specialties Limited that is striving to boost the growth of agriculture and horticulture in India. Both partners will exchange knowledge in a number of areas. Complex Dutch horticultural solutions will be exported to help India respond to an increasing demand for healthy, high-quality food cultivation. A yet to be established centre of excellence will serve as a landing ground for these innovations. In turn, the Indian business community will share innovative IT knowledge with the Netherlands. Both parties also aim to achieve cross-fertilisation between biotech and life sciences.

Eric Egberts, CEO of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta foundation, signed the memorandum on behalf of the Dutch horticulture sector. “This collaboration will help us make real strides in horticultural development in India with the setting up of a landing ground and expertise centre, similar to World Horti Center. Uttar Pradesh is the most densely populated state in India with 200 million inhabitants. We hope to attract the attention of relevant local authorities and expand horticultural projects in this vast country. We shall therefore be making a Dutch contribution to the enormous food challenges the nation currently faces,” explains Egberts.

Egberts envisages a local ecosystem with entrepreneurs, farmers and suppliers of technical solutions: “INDUCED will help us with preliminary research to shape the centre of excellence in Uttar Pradesh. Finding Indian investors who recognise the importance of fresh and healthy food that is locally and sustainably produced is a key priority. Profitability, affordability and employment for the population are our principal concerns. A genuine win-win.”

The Dutch business community does not just get to export knowledge and boost trade through this partnership. India will also be offering its expertise in the Internet of Things, data systems and IT to help develop horticulture initiatives. Both parties aim to improve public health by contributing to healthier lifestyles and better nutrition, thereby preventing illness and disease. Cross-fertilisation between biotech, life sciences and horticulture can only help in this joint aim, which will be important for strengthening the long-term relationship between the Netherlands and India.