Communicating shared technical knowledge to our customers 

Van Iperen is a growth specialist in feeding, strengthening and protecting crops. World Horti Center talked to them about their participation

We spoke to Richard van Spronsen, Edwin Datthijn and Guido Halbersma, product managers for floriculture plant protection, vegetable cultivation and biology at Van Iperen.

Why did Van Iperen join World Horti Center?

Edwin: “World Horti Center is an innovative, centrally located, horticultural focal point, where we can meet manufacturers, exchange knowledge and receive customers. As growth specialists, crop protection and all current developments in this area are high on our agenda. This is what connects us with World Horti Center, in particular with the research carried out by Demokwekerij Westland."

How does Van Iperen respond to new developments?

Guido: “Research has always been extremely important to us. Short-term research plays an increasingly vital role. We can quickly convert cultivation problems that have been identified by customers into short-term practical trials. For example, the possibilities of biological crop protection in a particular crop. This way we can quickly provide our customers with the most appropriate advice.”

Can you tell us something about the crop protection days?

Richard: “We are constantly looking for cultivation knowledge to provide our customers with the most up-to-date advice. One of the tools we use for this is short-term research and we share the results with our clients. For example, in cooperation with Demokwekerij Westland, we conducted a study into establishing natural enemies in potted roses. During the floriculture crop protection day, we were able to share this knowledge with our rose growers in practice."