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I-Grow Inside: CEA a game changer for retail?

Tuesday November 7 in World Horti Center or online. 

On Tuesday November 7 World Horti Center organizes the sixth I-Grow Inside webinar. A strong panel of professionals is ready to talk about the topic ‘CEA: a game changer for retail?’. In recent years the agricultural landscape has been revolutionized by the advent of Controlled Environment Agriculture. This has multiple benefits for retailers and consumers. The panel will give more insight on their experience and look at CEA. I-Grow Inside can be watched online or live in the audience at World Horti Center.

CEA: a game changer for retail?
In recent years, the agricultural landscape has been revolutionized by the advent of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), where cutting-edge technology converges with sustainable practices to cultivate vegetables and fruits in controlled environments like greenhouses and vertical farms. Retailers and consumers can benefit from CEA in multiple ways. Think of predictable harvests, efficient space utilization, year-round supply, locally grown produce and more. Next to that CEA can cater to specific needs, customization allows for unique products tailored to preferences. This makes it easier to meet niche market demands effectively. Last but not least, CEA plays a big role in the current challenges the world is facing. With continuous advancements in technology and growing environmental awareness, the stage is set for controlled environment agriculture to flourish, providing fresh, high-quality produce while safeguarding our planet's resources for generations to come.

Strong panel
World Horti Center is happy to announce that Roel Janssen, Head of Product and Business Development at Planet Farms; Simone van der Steeg, Sourcing Manager for the Fresh Fruit Category at Albert Heijn and Johan Vis, Marketing Specialist Tomato, Lettuce and Leafies at Rijk Zwaan form the panel of three during this sixth webinar. Matthijs van den Beukel acts as moderator, he guides the panel in the right direction and interacts with both the audience online and in the auditorium.

When & where
The I-Grow Inside webinar on November 7 can be followed online from 14:30 hrs (2.30 pm CET) to 15:30 hrs (3.30 pm CET). The seminar can be watched live in World Horti Center as well, for the live audience the event takes place from 14:00 hrs (2.00 pm CET) to 17:00 hrs (5.00 pm CET). Please register via this link in case you want to join online or physically: https://form.jotform.com/231923076851357. This event is organized in close cooperation with the community Indoor Farming NL and powered by Greenport West-Holland and FarmTech Society.

I-Grow Pavilion
The I-Grow Inside series is part of the I-Grow Pavilion at World Horti Center. This pavilion is created to show the development and benefits of high-tech growing in greenhouses and indoor farms. Many visitors have already been inspired by this pavilion, from students to presidents and investors to policymakers. The I-Grow Pavilion is a partnership between World Horti Center and several leading companies in the field of controlled environment agriculture. Together they aim to tell the entire story of CEA’s potential and also to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.

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