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∑-Grow Inside webinar: Integration of food production in circular cities

June 27 live from World Horti Center.

On Tuesday June 27 World Horti Center is organizing the fifth ∑-Grow Inside webinar. This edition’s topic: ‘integration of food production in circular cities’. With cities growing fast, food production becomes a serious challenge. What role will the horticultural industry play in this? The expert panel talks about operational projects in diverse locations in the world where food production is integrated in existing buildings or living environments. ∑-Grow Inside can be watched online or live in the audience at World Horti Center.

Integration of food production in circular cities
The world population keeps growing, especially urban areas are facing serious challenges with rapid growth. The UN predicts that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. How will these cities provide sufficient and safe food to their people? And what will food production look like by then? Will we integrate living, working and food production into the same buildings? The high-tech horticultural industry can play an important role in these challenges, but what knowledge is needed and how can the industry help exactly? On June 27 the expert panel goes into discussion on these challenges and more.

Expert panel
World Horti Center is happy to announce that Thera Rohling, Program director at Sustainable Urban Delta; Jolanda Heistek, Program director at Greenport West-Holland; Desh Ramnath, Director of Business Development at Dutch Greenhouse Delta and Jago van Bergen, Owner of van Bergen Kolpa Architecten are participating in the panel for this fifth edition of ∑-Grow Inside. Like last time, Matthijs van den Beukel acts as moderator. He guides the panel, brings in tantalizing statements and interacts with the audience both online and in the auditorium.

When & where
The ∑-Grow Inside seminar on June 27 can be followed online from 2.30 to 3.30 PM CET. It’s also possible to join the webinar as a live audience in World Horti Center. For the live audience the event start at 2.00 and ends at 5.00 PM CET. Please register via the button on this page. This event is organized in close cooperation with the community Indoor Farming NL and powered by Greenport West-Holland, FarmTech Society and GreenTech. Due to these partners participation in the event is completely free.

∑-Grow Pavilion
The ∑-Grow Inside series is part of the ∑-Grow Pavilion at World Horti Center. This pavilion is created to show the development and benefits of high-tech growing in greenhouses and indoor farms. Many visitors have already been inspired by this pavilion, from students to presidents and investors to policymakers. The ∑-Grow Pavilion is a partnership between World Horti Center and several leading companies in the field of indoor growing. Together they aim to tell the entire story of indoor farming’s potential and also to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.

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