International stage for Dutch horticulture in New York

A unique exhibition about Dutch horticulture's solutions to the world.

A unique exhibition will open in New York next Thursday, 20 February. The ‘Countryside - The Future’ exhibition by Rem Koolhaas is entirely devoted to the solutions that the countryside can offer the world, in which Dutch horticulture is included as an important player.

Architect and urban planner Rem Koolhaas wants the exhibition to show that the countryside can provide potential answers to major societal challenges. ‘Countryside’ features issues such as climate change, migration and evolution that will shape the future of our planet. The exhibition zooms in on various aspects of the countryside that offer solutions. Dutch horticulture is thereby representing the topic of food and food production.

Various Dutch horticultural businesses and suppliers have joined forces in order to highlight our sector’s essential contribution to our planet. They are showing how our technology-based sector makes an important contribution by utilising the power of nature and offers solutions to societal challenges such as energy, water, sustainability, food supply and food safety.

Participants from World Horti Center are making a significant contribution to the exhibition. Priva, Rijk Zwaan, Koppert Cress, Grodan, Hortilux, Metazet/Formflex, Bom Group and Koppert Biological Systems have supplied both the items to be displayed in the museum and a fully equipped vertical farming unit in the middle of 5th Avenue. The museum is making the link between nature and the sustainable, efficient and healthy production of food.

It is the first time that an exhibition at this museum has focused not on art but on a global societal challenge. It provides a great international stage where Dutch horticulture can present its important contribution to human welfare and the future of the planet.

The exhibition runs until 14 August 2020. Visitors who would like to find out more about our sector and products after the exhibition opens are welcome to visit World Horti Center to further explore the practical, innovative side of the horticulture industry.