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'Investing in collaboration, and jointly developing knowledge'

Stolze, specialist in integrating electrical engineering, is as our in-house installer and loyal participant, closely involved with World Horti Center. We spoke with director Jilles Goedknegt about his take on partnerships and young talent

Stolze has been a renowned name in international horticulture since 1969. Fast forward to 2022, and the company has grown into a full-service partner in the field of installation technology with more than 160 employees. As our in-house installer and loyal participant, Stolze is closely involved with World Horti Center. Director Jilles Goedknegt: “To grow, it’s essential we maintain contact with young talent and industry partners, and that we continue to innovate and conduct research. World Horti Center is where everything comes together.”

Stolze is a specialist in integrating electrical engineering, water engineering, grow-light technology, automation, and climate technology. Where Stolze distinguishes itself as a system integrator is that the company very deliberately combines its disciplines, according to director Jilles Goedknegt: “We can obviously supply our disciplines separately, but our real expertise lies in integrating a fully tailor-made installation with perfect coordination between these disciplines. We devise suitable comprehensive solutions that effectively respond to customers’ wishes, such as a production increase or sustainability advance. This includes the associated maintenance and service, as would be expected, and results in the level of quality appropriate to the company.” 

In addition to its head office in Maasdijk and the branch office in Aalsmeer, Stolze operates various international offices and works with local partners worldwide. The company's new premises are currently being built on Honderdland in Maasdijk. “There’s plenty of space here to create pleasant working conditions and receive customers, partners and new employees.”

‘Stronger together' is a well-known saying in horticulture. This positive attitude to collaboration has taken our sector a long way. Jilles Goedknegt: “Strong partnerships are indispensable for us as a system integrator; we incorporate our partners’ products and services into our total package, and work closely with fellow participants such as Priva, Signify and Van der Ende Group.”

Investing in collaboration and jointly advancing knowledge are essential to Stolze, so no surprise that the company helped build the All Climate Greenhouse in World Horti Center’s Vertify research centre in 2019. In this innovative greenhouse, which is the result of a collaboration between the government and various companies, almost any climate in the world can be imitated. Since completion, students from Lentiz and Inholland have been conducting research into remote-controlled cultivation and other cultivation methods of the future. Stolze is Stolz (German for pride) of its contribution.