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'It is fun and instructive to see that there are also other cultivation methods'

Joost van Leeuwen, an intern at Infinite Acres, tells us about the research he is conducting as part of the ‘green team’. 

Joost van Leeuwen, a second-year student Lentiz | Horti Technics & Management, is doing an internship at Infinite Acres. This company builds vertical farms and provides support in the area of indoor cultivation. The system the company has developed enables crops to be grown without daylight or immovable soil.

Joost has been learning a lot about new techniques and the function of assimilation lighting. ‘I ended up at Infinite Acres, where I have been working as an intern three days a week since December, through my lecturer. It is very different from my previous internship at Vreugdenhil Young Plants and I find what they do at Infinite Acres very interesting,’ says Joost.

‘I am part of the “green team” of Infinite Acres. We are conducting several tests in the company’s climate cells on plants, most of which are leafy plants, in which we are investigating the possibilities of growing crops in areas where the climate is actually unsuitable for horticulture. There is a lot of cooperation with America and the Middle East,’ Joost continues. 

'It is fun and instructive to see that there are alternatives to standard cultivation methods,’ Joost concludes. 

World Horti Center is currently building a Controlled Environment Growing pavilion in conjunction with its partners. Visitors to the pavilion are immersed in a 360-degree experience that examines various issues such as the emergence of mega-cities, climate change and the need for food safety and security. Next, they are introduced to the comprehensive solutions offered by horticulture and the various cultivation methods that are available today. One of these cultivation methods is the Indoor Farm. This method is entirely configurable, predictable and controllable on criteria such as taste and substances, and makes it possible to produce food in the direct vicinity of the consumer, even in locations with extreme climates. We will keep you informed of how the pavilion is coming along through our website.

Image: Infinite Acres