Joep Hendricks appointed as director of World Horti Center 

Joep Hendricks will be the new director of World Horti Center with effect from 15 August 2019

He will become the first director of the new organisation. WHC Expo B.V. will be responsible for all commercial activities in the expo building. Hendricks will be taking over the reins from Erwin Cardol, who has been acting as interim chief executive in recent months.

Hendricks, 42, has an extensive track record in horticulture. He spent many years working for breeding companies, and has working in the field of cross-sectoral innovation for the past ten years. He has supported players from other sectors and all corners of the globe in developing propositions for the horticulture sector or using elements from horticulture elsewhere. He has thereby worked for Philips, Rijk Zwaan and WUR, amongst others.  Hendricks is joining the leading knowledge and innovation centre for horticulture because he sees enormous opportunities for developing World Horti Center further. 


“This building shows the horticultural expertise that has been built up in the Netherlands by businesses, researchers, the education system and public bodies. This is a unique collection of innovations that can have an impact on a global scale. With a growing world population, growing purchasing power and raised awareness of a healthy lifestyle the sector is in the perfect position here at World Horti Center to translate those needs into business,” says Hendricks.

New organisation

The new organisation WHC Expo B.V. was established on Monday 1 July 2019. The commercial activities of Greenport Food & Flower Xperience and Demokwekerij Westland have been merged in order to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of World Horti Center. This means one operating organisation, one management team and one board of directors. The applied research and the cultivation in the research greenhouse remains the domain of Demokwekerij Westland (part of Proeftuin Zwaagdijk). MBO Westland is also housed at World Horti Center, which creates the unique mix and cross-fertilisation between education and business.