Join the next I-Grow Inside seminar on March 28 - World Horti Center

Join the ∑-Grow Inside seminar on March 28

Topic: 'How does a plant react in an indoor farm?'

On Tuesday March 28 World Horti Center is organizing the fourth ∑-Grow Inside seminar. A new panel of professionals is diving into an interesting topic: ‘How does a plant react in an indoor farm?’. The results of the Fieldlab Vertical Farming research form the basis of the discussion. The seminar can be watched online or live in audience at World Horti Center.

How does a plant react in an indoor farm?
During the seminar on March 28 the panel discusses the relation between plants and technology. The basis of this discussion are the insights of the Fieldlab Vertical Farming research. This research project was launched in January 2020 in the Netherlands and takes place at several locations in the province of South-Holland. The Netherlands has a leading position when it comes to horticulture as well as indoor farming. To maintain this leading position the Fieldlab Vertical Farming was launched. After two years of ongoing research the first results can be discussed.

Interesting line-up
World Horti Center is happy to announce that Gert-Jan van Staalduinen, CEO at Logiqs, Laura Bautista, Project Leader Vertical Farming at Delphy B.V., Stefan van de Voort, Plant Specialist Indoor Farming at Philips Horticulture LED Solutions and Caterina Carpinetti, Researcher Vertical Farming at Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture and Flower Bulbs at Wageningen University and Research form the panel during this fourth ∑-Grow Inside seminar. Matthijs van den Beukel acts as moderator and steers the panel in the right direction.

When & where
The ∑-Grow Inside seminar on March 28 can be followed online from 14:30 hrs (2.30 pm CET) to 15:30 hrs (3.30 pm CET). The seminar can be watched live in World Horti Center as well, for the live audience the event takes place from 14:00 hrs (2.00 pm CET) to 17:00 hrs (5.00 pm CET). Please register via the button on this page in case you want to join online or physically. This event is organized in close cooperation with the community Indoor Farming NL and powered by Greenport West-Holland, FarmTech Society and GreenTech.

∑-Grow Pavilion
The ∑-Grow Inside series is part of the ∑-Grow Pavilion at World Horti Center. This pavilion is created to show the development and benefits of high-tech growing in greenhouses and indoor farms. Many visitors have already been inspired by this pavilion, from students to presidents and investors to policymakers. The ∑-Grow Pavilion is a partnership between World Horti Center and several leading companies in the field of indoor growing. Together they aim to tell the entire story of indoor farming’s potential and also to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.

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