Launch of the Learning Community at World Horti Center

Boost for collaboration between education, research, and industry in innovation projects

Education, industry and knowledge institutions will be linked even more closely through the Learning Community at World Horti Center. We have been working together with Lentiz | MBO Westland, Inholland and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities to create this Learning Community, an environment where study, work, innovation, and research are optimally linked. In this way, we are giving a boost, both to education and innovation.

Developments in the horticultural sector are advancing rapidly: from processes around digitisation and circular horticulture to health and international entrepreneurship. To keep up with these developments and to retain the Dutch greenhouse horticultural sector’s position as a leading knowledge partner, there is a need for properly trained staff, and concrete solutions and innovations initiated by the business community.

By encouraging students (Universities, Middle and Higher Vocational Colleges) to work together with knowledge institutions on current innovative issues raised by the horticultural sector, companies will be supported and young professionals will have graduated with all the latest insights.

World Horti Center connects its extensive network of innovative companies and entrepreneurs with the Learning Community so that concrete innovative issues can be formulated. Within the next two years, fifteen research projects will be realised based on these issues.