Managing Soil Water

Between 23 March and 12 April 2019 Water Management students at Lentiz | MBO Westland participated in the Managing Soil Water module of the Feeding the World project. 

As part of the Feeding the World project of the Erasmus+ Programme, students on this course have carried out various activities over the past three weeks alongside students from Belgium and Austria. The students worked on assignments in order to increase their knowledge about water in relation to soil, irrigation systems and drainage, water quality in relation to the desired quality and water problems in the future. The students also visited the Maeslantkering - “Water management on a large scale!’ - and Kinderdijk. Finally they were given classes by visiting lecturers including staff from Rijnland district water board and various regional companies.

The Feeding the World project is an Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus + is the European Union's subsidy programme. It offers the opportunity to acquire or share knowledge and experience at organisations and institutions in different countries. Feeding the World consists of 12 modules that are taking place in various European countries. The aim of the project is to contribute to the agri sector’s demand for well-trained staff and to enhance knowledge and skills in the sector.