Meet the I-Grow participants: Modiform

In this new article series we will introduce you to our I-Grow participants. Get to know more about the companies behind this theme square. What makes them unique? And what are their latest innovations? We kick-off with Modiform, enjoy reading!

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Modiform offers solutions using recycled raw materials for cultivation, transport and packaging systems for the horticultural supply chain. We collect materials from the market and upcycle them into smart, sustainable and high-quality products. Modiform has already been actively committed to responsible and sustainable business practices for 45 years now, and to this day we continue to take new steps towards a cleaner world.

In-house recycling

We are proud of the fact that we’ve been recycling in-house for more than 35 years. Not only recycling our own products, but also the waste from our film and production. Modiform is working on new raw materials, and we have expanded the capacity of our recycling department for PS material, so that we can process even more returned material. Modiform doesn’t always think in terms of standard solutions; we also work with our customers to design solutions. And we are, of course, aware of the latest developments and legislation in the area of sustainability.


Modiform offers a complete range of products. Many find the product they are looking for in the standard range, but what if they have specific needs? In that case, we work with the customer to develop a custom product: creative, out-of-the-box solutions. Together with the client, we go through the process from idea to realisation. New concepts, products and packaging techniques develop from this, which are then implemented in-house. Modiform has its own design service, product development and a state-of-the-art printing line.

Vertical farming

We are focused on the future and work with others to come up with a variety of solutions, especially for innovative developments that are very important to the future of the sector. Vertical farming will play an increasingly important role as more and more parties try to grow products on smaller cultivation areas. Vertical farming can contribute to solving societal problems such as the use of pesticides, water scarcity and a shortage of agricultural land.

In collaboration with various (international) partners, including the leading vertical farming company 80 Acres Farms, based in North America, we have developed a standard propagation tray solution: The – 6670 – tray. This tray can be processed automatically and is extremely suited to vertical farming due to its standard dimensions (60 x 40 cm) and design.


A recent high point for Modiform is the further development of the 6670 tray. This tray, called the – 6671 –, is equipped with an ebb and flow bottom that is suitable for various newly developed sustainable substrate solutions. This project highlights Modiform’s continuous pursuit of innovation and its role as an international player in the sector.

In addition to technological advancement, collaboration within the sector is also important. As one of the pioneers of the I-Grow Pavilion, we contribute to the showcasing of various solutions within Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), from greenhouses to vertical farming. Participation reflects not only our vision of collaboration, but also our commitment to stimulating the growth of the industry as a whole.

“At Modiform, we believe in custom solutions and collaboration as the driving forces behind our innovation.”