Nice win-win situation GreenZone and trainee MBO Westland

GreenZone, the full-service supplier of GreenZone floriculture products in Germany, provides development opportunities for new talent in the work environment. Intern Emiel Mooij from the MBO Westland Business & Management course at the World Horti Center quickly saw this.

The collaboration between deputy director Salvatore Consulo and Lentiz at MBO Westland came about through a partner company WBE Group.  Salvatore Consulo, GreenZone deputy director and MBO intern Emiel Mooij discussed a collaboration between both parties. "At the beginning of the internship I felt like I was jumping in the deep end, but I'm glad I followed my feelings and started this adventure", says Emiel enthusiastically.

Emiel worked on a competition analysis of online and offline communication for an associated marketing agency. Salvatore reflects on this overseas internship: "Emiel's analysis has led to new insights and challenges for GreenZone. I thought he was a spontaneous and motivated intern with both feet on the ground. Emiel adds: "Finding out for yourself how to proceed always works to your advantage. My professional mentor showed me how to search for competition analysis on the internet, so I could find the step-by-step plan myself. I extensively analysed who GreenZone's competitors are and learned how important it is to know about them. It is also important to devise and pursue a clear mission and to distinguish yourself as a company by profiling yourself. For example, you could emphasise that you have flexible delivery times and can also deliver at weekends".

Emiel continues his passionate story: "Innovation is paramount at GreenZone. The people in the office and the staff on the shop floor come up with creative and clever ideas. These are discussed in detail and the promising ideas are developed. That was great to see. Innovative entrepreneurship at the company has grown considerably in recent years".

Emiel was also allowed to work on customer research and says: "Customer research showed that a lot of value is placed on extra service. What is appreciated is personal contact, tips on floriculture products and blogs". Emiel was also given the task of developing operational instructions for the 'after-sales service' which was used immediately by a new employee in the department in question. "Great to see that it actually served a purpose."

The internship has proven to be a win-win situation for both the student and GreenZone. An interesting challenge for Emiel and GreenZone now is how to take further steps. Emiel concludes: "This was a fantastic internship with challenges that I can benefit from now and in the future. My next internship will be with the partner WBE Group!"