Presenting innovative products all year round

Metazet FormFlex is known for its cultivation gutter systems, but the World Horti Center participant does a lot more besides these. We asked the company three questions.

Who is Metazet FormFlex?

"Metazet FormFlex has been attracting attention as a horticultural innovator since 1978. Our well-known cultivation gutter system is a good example of this. Metazet FormFlex supplies a wide range of materials produced in-house, from stem brackets, wire hooks, monorail hooks, cultivation gutters and hoisting systems through to advanced autonomous logistics equipment. These materials find their way all over the world thanks to greenhouse builders, installers and growers. Metazet FormFlex has a number of offices spread across North America, Europe and Asia. We carry out projects worldwide from these locations through our partners or directly in order to create total solutions on site,” explains Jos van der Meijs.

Why did Metazet FormFlex choose to be a participant?

“World Horti Center is the leading international meeting place for clients from the horticulture sector worldwide, from vegetables to floriculture and soft fruit. The extensive traffic makes it the ideal place for us to be able to present ourselves and our innovative products all year round to the visitors who are looking for knowledge and information, both with freestanding presentations and supported with explanation during the pitches.”

What are the company’s latest innovations?

“Metazet FormFlex is the premier innovator. The tube rail supports and the cultivation gutters that we introduced are still an essential part of any cultivation system. The IRIS!™ Scout Robot, winner of the GreenTech Concept Award 2018, is the result of a collaboration between Micothon, Ecoation and our company. This game changer can travel autonomously through the greenhouse and detect pests and diseases at an early stage. There is also the OKO, a manually controlled scout robot with the same scanning technology and the same possibilities as the IRIS!”