PUM Netherlands senior experts now partner of World Horti Center - World Horti Center

PUM Netherlands senior experts partner of World Horti Center

The aim of the collaboration is to strengthen both organisations.

The aim of the collaboration is to strengthen both organisations. In sharing knowledge and making good use of each other’s networks, PUM’s horticultural experts can make more impact in countries where their knowhow is needed, and the Dutch horticultural sector receives business opportunities in developing countries and emerging markets. 

Next to these opportunities, this collaboration also facilitates corporate volunteering for Dutch horticultural companies, which enables them to give substance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and talent development. The employees will then for a certain amount of time be deployed as a PUM expert. Due to the pandemic travelling is not possible at this moment, which increases the possibilities for young volunteers to share their advice through remote coaching with digital means.

Director Andy Wehkamp of PUM and Hans Kleijwegt interim director of WHC confirmed the cooperation in front of the world map and gave a go-ahead to strengthening the international knowledge and network of both organisations. In September the partnership will be given further substance and introduced to the participants of WHC.


About PUM Netherlands senior experts

PUM collaborates with entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with the aim of achieving inclusive, sustainable economic growth. There are approximately 1600 experts attached to PUM on a voluntary basis who share their practical professional and sector knowledge with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 40 different sectors and 34 countries worldwide. Since its foundation, PUM has carried out 47,000 missions and consultancy assignments. PUM mainly focuses on the following areas of expertise: Food Security, Trade & Industry, Services and Health & Environment. The aim of PUM is to build healthy, resilient companies together with local entrepreneurs that collaborate effectively and sustainably throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, PUM aims to strengthen economies and improve lives. To realize and accelerate growth, PUM works together on a structural basis with Dutch and local companies, non-profit organizations, governments, SME support organizations and educational institutions.

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