Realisation of a unique technical feat

As of this week, the All-climate greenhouse will be in use at the World Horti Center research centre. This indoor greenhouse was built in an existing research department at World Horti Center.

Using this unique technical feat, climate and crop related research projects can be set up and conducted. We can control both the outside climate, including light and temperature, as well as the indoor climate. This makes it possible to answer research questions about the effects of different outdoor climates. This applies to the effect of climate in the Netherlands, as well as to the climatic effects in other parts of the world.

The realisation of the greenhouse is the result of a collaboration between Dutch knowledge, consultancy and engineering companies. The All-climate greenhouse is equipped with the latest technology, including three different climate computers, cooling systems, different screen types and various forms of assimilation lighting. In addition, the indoor greenhouse is equipped with a variety of sensors, so that we can monitor crop responses to the adjusted outdoor climate. PAR meters, leaf temperature meters and juice flow meters all play a prominent role in the greenhouse. To influence the outside climate, assimilation lamps with a total capacity of 65,000 lux have been installed under the facade of the outdoor greenhouse. This can be used to directly simulate light levels from other parts of the world.

Over the next few weeks, cucumbers will be grown in the All-climate greenhouse, which consists of two separately controlled indoor greenhouses. This cultivation period will mainly be used to get acquainted with controlling the greenhouse and to clarify the research possibilities. Demokwekerij Westland and Lentiz education group are working together on the further implementation of the programme, so that education and research will continue to play a vital role in the All-climate greenhouse. The greenhouse will initially be used by Dutch horticultural students; however, it will also be used by overseas parties in the future.

The All-climate greenhouse will be officially opened during the participants' meeting on 4 July.