Rem Koolhaas argues for linking the horticulture sector with the consumer

During online session EAT THIS!

The first edition of the webinar series EAT THIS! featuring world-famous architect and journalist Rem Koolhaas was launched May 6 with an audience of more than 1000. World Horti Center is organising the webinar series in collaboration with Nethwork in order to talk to visionaries from inside and outside the horticulture sector about the future of healthy food. World Horti Center is connecting creative thinkers with its extensive network of innovative companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of inspiring and encouraging discussions around healthy food.

The contacts with Rem Koolhaas were made for the ‘Countryside - The Future’ exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. This depicts the prominent role that horticulture is playing within global developments in the countryside. Rem Koolhaas gave the following summary in the first webinar session last Wednesday: ‘The sector is already very active in the areas of sustainability, energy and production, and there is a lot of commitment at the companies. The sector needs to work harder to find a link with society in order to identify solutions to societal challenges.’

His enthusiasm and gusto means that Rem Koolhaas will be returning to the lectern at World Horti Center in the near future. Anyone interested can watch the webinar through this page.

2nd EAT THIS! webinar with Clemens Driessen on 13 May

The second webinar in the EAT THIS! series will take place on Wednesday 13 May. Clemens Driessen, a philosopher at Wageningen University, will be exploring the history of the development of horticulture. He will offer a unique look at the future of healthy food from a philosophical perspective. During this session Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva, will also explain what that future would look like in practical terms and how we can implement this in the horticulture sector. She will thereby be giving a foretaste of what will be discussed in the third session on 20 May, where Meiny Prins will be the main speaker. The expertise and experience of both speakers mean that they are well-paced to link the past, the present and the future. 

If you would like to attend the follow-up webinar by Clemens Driessen and Meiny Prins on 13 May at 4 p.m. CET, please use the button below to register.

Photo at Koppert Cress by Pieternel van Velden, Krabbels Tekst en Beeld