Rem Koolhaas first guest in online webinar series ‘Eat This’

World Horti Center hosts inspiring webinar series

World Horti Center and NethWork collaborate in giving follow up to the exhibition ‘Countryside – The Future’ initiated by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, that was opened on February 20 in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The exhibition among others features the current and future developments in food production, especially what is happening in greenhouses.

Webinar sessions
The exhibition is currently closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the production of cherry tomatoes in a closed, high tech production unit, situated in front of the museum on Fifth Avenue, continues. Right in the center of the world and the epicenter of the pandemic. The unit therefore, is a great metaphor and catalyst in the discussion on the consumption of healthy food, produced in a sustainable and affordable way. Therefore, World Horti Center (WHC) took the initiative to facilitate, in cooperation with foundation NethWork, a new series of online events.

Thought leaders
During weekly webinar sessions, thought leaders in the field of food will share his/her vision on (the future of) healthy food. The kick off takes place on Wednesday 6 May, 16.00 hrs CEST and features architect Rem Koolhaas, initiator of the exhibition ‘Countryside – The Future’. He will be assisted by Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen UR. Both gentlemen will share their vision on current developments and the future of horticulture in the Netherlands and beyond.

Eat This
This weekly webinar series, named ‘Eat This’ is a close collaboration between NethWork and World Horti Center. Both organizations want to connect the horticultural sector with the world beyond horticulture. After the inaugural session with Rem Koolhaas, 9 webinars will follow. More information about EAT THIS through this link.

NethWork is a foundation that strives to create more awareness regarding the sustainable production healthy and affordable food and the important role the horticultural sector plays in this field. NethWork connects the sector with the world beyond horticulture via interactive events and activities, collectively named ‘Eat This’.

Foto Rem Koolhaas: NY Times