Joint innovation and demonstration at World Horti Center

Participant Royal Brinkman is a supplier, advisor and installer for professional greenhouse horticulture with a strong focus on innovation.

World Horti Center asked Maartje Jung, innovation manager at Royal Brinkman, three questions.

Why did you come to World Horti Center?

"Through strategic partnerships and intensive cooperation, we develop new solutions and applications for professional greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs worldwide as a supplier, advisor and installer, with a strong focus on innovation. For us, World Horti Center is a unique location where we can showcase innovation, and where new initiatives emerge for joint innovation. It is also the place to be to discover the world of greenhouse horticulture and to open your eyes to the potential of this sector.”

"For us, World Horti Center is a unique location where we can showcase innovation, and where new initiatives emerge for joint innovation."

- Maartje Jung, innovatie manger at Royal Brinkman

Your focus is innovation, so what things come to mind?

"The issues that are relevant for greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs and the trends and developments that we believe together will affect the horticulture sector are central to this. For example, we are seeing an increasing demand for more sustainable products from our customers and we are constantly working on making our product range more environmentally friendly. Our latest innovation Bio Valent is a good example of this. It is 100% bio based and 100% compostable twine for vegetable cultivation. Over the next few months, we are inviting delegations from all over the world to experience the Bio Valent twine at World Horti Center research centre.

What is your vision for World Horti Center?

"It speaks for itself that subjects such as water, energy, plant health, digitization and sustainability are very much in the spotlight within greenhouse horticulture. They fit in seamlessly with the sustainable development goals and those greenhouse entrepreneurs who have these areas under control are ready for the future. Royal Brinkman wants World Horti Center to be the place where the business community, research and education inspire each other, share knowledge, and create joint initiatives around these critical subjects. Do you want to work on successful solutions for the challenges facing greenhouse horticulture? Then come to World Horti Center and get off to a flying start!"