The optimum light level for every plant all year round

At the start of this year Ludvig Svensson launched a new innovative screening solution with enhanced benefits for crops. We wanted to find out more about that! A good opportunity to have a chat with Svensson, suppliers of innovative climate and screening solutions. We asked Clarinda Gros about the latest developments and how she keeps customers informed about all the innovations.

Participation in World Horti Center

“It's important for Svensson to have a presence at the heart of the horticulture sector. World Horti Center is that place, where Svensson presents innovations on the permanent stand. WHC is also an event location which offers many benefits with its excellent spaces for presentations and workshops right in the heart of the Westland. And last but not least, the catering is also very good. In short: it’s an excellent location for Svensson to welcome customers,” explains Clarinda.

New innovative screening solution

“At the start of this year Svensson launched a new innovative screening solution: PARfect. This screening solution enables growers to have total control of the sunlight reaches the plants. Not too much and not too little. The screen also ensures an even light distribution and a constant PAR light level in the greenhouse regardless of the outdoor conditions.”

Sharing knowledge

One of the ways in which Svensson keeps customers up-to-date is by organising briefing sessions. On 14 January they organised a special PARperfect briefing for floriculture growers where guest speaker Silke Hemming (WUR) explained the importance of diffuse light. Growers Ron ten Have and Jos Verboom shared their experiences with this unique screening solution. “Having listened to the various speakers and the experiences of fellow growers, we raised a glass to a (par)perfect year! Attendees enjoyed an informative evening. And we had a successful event at which we were able to share a lot of information with more than 100 growers. Such an amazing energy! There was also cameraman present who has recorded highlights in an aftermovie,” adds Clarinda enthusiastically.