Together we offer world class quality

Geert Helderman is an account manager at Resideo, the new home of Honeywell Home products. World Horti Center asked him 3 questions.

What is Resideo?
Resideo has grown out of Honeywell, which has a history dating back to the end of the 19th century. Our products and solutions can be found in more than 150 million homes around the globe - with a further 15 million added to that every year.

Under the Resideo banner we are retaining the familiar and iconic Honeywell Home brand on all our products and solutions.  We continue to offer the best options for making homes and businesses more comfortable, safer and more energy-efficient.

Why does Resideo have a presence at World Horti Center?
Within the company I represent the agricultural sector. We have felt at home at World Horti Center for over fifteen years. As a knowledge and innovation centre, World Horti Center helps to maintain and enhance the Netherlands’ leading role as a greenhouse horticulture nation. It is a growth accelerator. World Horti Center is a place where solutions are found for global social issues such as the supply of water and food and the energy transition. With our products, tried-and-tested solutions and excellent service we have a lot to offer in that regard.

What does Resideo have on show at World Horti Center?
The key innovations in my professional field are taking place at World Horti Center: climate control in greenhouses. Here we are showing that Honeywell Home is responding to new developments with products that are immediately applicable, such as the Kombi Auto. I also regularly provide practical training in the use of our control valves and motors as part of good climate control.

Honeywell Home control valves and Centra mixing taps are already a familiar presence in thousands of greenhouses around the world, since they offer solutions to help improve production, save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Both World Horti Center and Resideo are working for people’s welfare and well-being. Together we offer world class quality. As far as I’m concerned, we will continue to do so for many years to come.