What can be better than strengthening one another? - World Horti Center

What can be better than strengthening one another?

The partnership with Jiffy will be extended and their involvement in the Controlled Environment Growing Pavilion will be increased.

Jiffy joins forces with its customers each and every day on innovative and sustainable solutions in relation to growth. As a result, Jiffy helps professional growers and breeders around the world make their contribution to feeding the world and making it more beautiful. This objective fits in seamlessly with the philosophy of World Horti Center. And by intensifying our cooperation, we can strengthen each other even more!

We are therefore very proud to renew our partnership with Jiffy and promote this company’s involvement in the Controlled Environment Growing Pavilion that is currently being developed. Chantal Oostvogels, Global Marketing Manager of Jiffy and Mark Zwinkels of World Horti Center signed the contract for this renewed partnership.

Controlled Environment Growing Pavilion

Visitors to the pavilion are immersed in a 360-degree experience that examines various issues such as the emergence of mega-cities, climate change and the need for food safety and security. Next, they are introduced to the comprehensive solutions offered by horticulture and the various cultivation methods that are available today. 

One of these cultivation methods is Indoor Farming. This method is entirely configurable, predictable and controllable on criteria such as taste and substances, allowing food to be produced in the direct vicinity of the consumer even in locations with extreme climates. 

About Jiffy

Jiffy helps growers and breeders achieve innovative and sustainable growing solutions to feed the world and make it more beautiful. Thanks to a wide range of pots, pellets, coconut fibre products, substrates and plugs, Jiffy offers the best solution for every crop and process, regardless of the company’s scope or size.

By listening to others and sharing its knowledge, Jiffy contributes to improvements in product quality and sustainable and efficient cultivation methods. In collaboration with horticultural companies from all over the world, Jiffy focuses on achieving higher yields while producing less waste.