What is Colinda de Beer going to do at World Horti Center?

Colinda de Beer is a regular presence at World Horti Center, and that’s good news! Colinda works for InnovationQuarter and focuses on innovations in and for the horticulture sector. Which is very much a hot item at World Horti Center. 

If someone somewhere invents something which is relevant to the agri sector, we want to have that person and that innovation in our building. We saw this during the cross-sectoral event Verbinding In Innovatie (Connection in Innovation) on 19 June 2019, which was organised by World Horti Center in collaboration with InnovationQuarter.

Interface between technology and horticulture

We sat down with Colinda to find out more. “I studied horticulture and was a researcher at what is now WUR Beijswijk,” she says. “After a while I wanted to develop myself further, so I did a bachelor’s degree in Informatics. In 2001 that course led me to work at Hoogendoorn, where I progressed from software engineer to R&D Manager. And since 2017 I have been working for InnovationQuarter, again on that interface between technology and horticulture.”

A creative process

“Technology is really fun,” continues Colinda enthusiastically. “I’m not so much interested in the technology itself as in the solutions that you can create. Innovating is a very creative process in that regard. InnovationQuarter focuses on investing, internationalising and innovating.

I’m working on that latter aspect. We help companies to think about how they can develop their innovation, how they can turn it into a business model and whether they need to work in a consortium, for example, as we recently did with Vers+. We monitor what technologies exist and investigate the possibilities for the horticulture sector.”

Cross-sectoral event

One of the first events to arise from the collaboration between InnovationQuarter and World Horti Center was ‘Verbinding In Innovatie’ (Connection in Innovation), which took place on 19 June. “The event focused on cross-sectoral thinking,” explains Colinda. “Two of the three speakers came from outside the horticulture sector, and we gave a workshop on how you can adapt and apply innovations from other sectors in order to resolve issues in your own business. In the survey after the event we asked how we could improve the event. The participants particularly indicated that such events should be organised more often, so that you help to create a community. And we already have plans for this, even as early as this summer.”

Someone who stands up for innovation, is exceptionally enthusiastic about it and has a great deal of experience of it - we at World Horti Center are more than happy to be associated with that.

Contact information for Colinda de Beer: colinda.debeer@innovationquarter.nl