World Horti Center launches the Online HortiXperience

Discover the world of innovative Dutch horticulture in our virtual experience.

During this challenging times we believe that sharing knowledge and connecting partners in horticulture are important and for this reason World Horti Center is launching an Online HortiXperience: a package of online services that we would like to tell you more about! One important element of this service is the Online Tour, which enables you to take a virtual look around World Horti Center, with experts telling you all about the sustainable and innovative greenhouse horticulture sector!

The World Horti E-book provides useful information from horticultural companies and organizations, interesting links and videos. These services can be viewed free of charge via the website.

The Online HortiXperience has more to offer: visitors looking for even more horticultural expertise after watching the Horti Tour and reading the World Horti E-book, can book an online Q&A session with one of the experts and be brought into contact with the more than 130 leading companies associated with World Horti Center.

How does the Online Tour work?
In different locations within World Horti Center experts explain why the Netherlands is so successful at greenhouse horticulture, what innovative greenhouse structures and systems there are, and what is happening in the All Climate Greenhouse and the World Horti Center research centre. The experts also talk about the opportunities for young people in greenhouse horticulture, and the added value that the sector can offer in tackling major societal challenges.