Worldwide sharing of expertise at World Horti Center

World Horti Center harnesses the strength of Dutch greenhouse horticulture as a research partner within an international playing field

Whereas three months ago a door literally closed for World Horti Center a digital window opened that enabled expertise to be shared and augmented online at the same time. In the meantime, the international knowledge and innovation centre for greenhouse horticulture is once again open to visitors, but expertise continues to be shared digitally via this platform.

World Horti Center believes that everyone in the world should have access to the expertise of the greenhouse horticulture sector. That’s why the Online HortiXperience was launched in mid-April: a digital platform that enables experts to share their knowledge about how the horticultural sector offers solutions for the future.  Dozens of brief videos showcasing horticultural expertise, e-books with in-depth information and online tours that zoom in on specific fields of expertise can all be accessed via the website.

What’s more, the Online HortiXperience was recently expanded with three new videos in which experts speak about the tremendous contribution that breeding and propagation is making to the health and well-being of the world’s population. Information is also available about various B2B training courses provided at the World Horti Center, such as a digital course that will transform new employees with little knowledge of horticulture into genuine experts in this sector within a single week!

Live Online Tours

World Horti Center will continue to organize various online tours based on specific horticultural themes. The next tour, to be held on Friday, 26 June, will feature HortiXpert Geerten van de Lugt. He will be taking online visitors on a live tour of the World Horti Center in which special attention will be paid to plant nutrition. You can register via the button below.

Webinar EAT THIS!

Thousands of international professionals tune in every week for the EAT THIS! webinar series featuring various world-renowned visionaries who shine their light on ‘The Future of Food’. Rem Koolhaas, Meiny Prins, Henry Gordon-Smith and other experts share their vision of the future of the world and the way in which horticulture contributes to this in this series of interactive, online meetings. You will find more information as well as recordings of previous and upcoming EAT THIS! webinars via the button below.

Vertical Farming@World Horti Center

World Horti Center recently launched a new project to demonstrate the power of Vertical or Indoor Farming to the international community. Indoor Farming offers a good alternative for solving the world food problem. In order to position the Netherlands as a reliable partner for the realization of a Vertical Farm, the World Horti Center and its partners are building a pavilion based on this theme and organizing an accompanying two-year programme of activities.