Go Ahead for Chinese High-Tech Agriculture Park with Horti Center

Dutch Greenhouse Delta gives shape to partnership with Jianshan Sino-Dutch Industrial Park via strategic memorandum.

In the coming years, China and the Netherlands are to further intensify cooperation in greenhouse horticulture. Ahead of the China-Netherlands Business Forum in The Hague, Dutch Greenhouse Delta has forged a strategic partnership with Jiashan Sino-Dutch Industrial Park. This memorandum of understanding is the starting point for the development of the Sino-Dutch High-Tech Agriculture Park to be built in China’s most important economic delta. The innovation park will also feature a replica of the World Horti Center in Westland. The memorandum was signed in the presence of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

With a strong cluster in Westland, the Netherlands is the international market leader in greenhouse horticulture. The Dutch have for decades been exchanging ‘their’ knowledge and high-tech innovations with Asian countries to grow food and flowers in a sustainable manner. The Sino-Dutch High-Tech Agriculture Park and Horti Center will form the platform for a more intensive exchange of knowledge and technology.

The Dutch business community will be given the actual space and opportunity in China to showcase the most advanced greenhouse horticulture projects. The High-Tech Agriculture Park is to take shape over five years on an area of 420 hectares, comparable to 10% of the area under glasshouse horticulture in Westland. It is part of the Jiashan Sino-Dutch Industrial Cooperation Park, which has been under development since 2014.

Mr. Hein van der Sande, president of Dutch Greenhouse Delta: “This memorandum of understanding marks the kick-off and is a genuine impulse for the Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry. We can now further intensify the exchange of knowledge and strategies for business development. We look forward to long-term strategic cooperation in all areas, from R&D to education and from marketing to technology. The Horti Center in the Sino-Dutch High-Tech Agriculture Park will become the most important platform for the greenhouse horticulture cluster over there.”

At the end of November, a delegation from Dutch Greenhouse Delta will travel to Jiashan to further substantiate the agreement and planning in consultation with the government, potential investors, growers’ associations and retail concerns.