Interest in cooperation between education and the business community

FME is interested in MBO lessons in Mechatronics

Not only (international) companies, research, education and government are interested in the relationship between education and business within World Horti Center, FME also showed interest recently. FME is the stakeholder of entrepreneurs in the technology industry. The management of FME was informed by MBO Westland about the regional cooperation between education and the business community.

During the tour led by a teacher from ROC Mondriaan, there was great interest in the effective integration of the business community with education. 

The visit included a short MBO lesson in Mechatronics, which is also provided at the World Horti Center by the MBO Westland training portfolio. Students can carry out their assignments from companies in a high-tech classroom using facilities offered by businesses, in addition to their theory lessons. This makes use of the most modern equipment and helps to prepare MBO students for jobs in the future.

Our motto is 'we are all the students of the future', and we focus on everyone who is interested in working in technology.  To serve the ever-growing demand for knowledge, it is necessary to integrate education and practice. World Horti Center is a notable example of this.