Participant speaks: Zentoo

Zentoo is a cooperative of 11 chrysanthemum nurseries and was founded 12 years ago to professionalise chrysanthemum sales and marketing. Zentoo specialises in selling a wide range of exclusive chrysanthemums. Together with suppliers, we look for new shapes, colours and sizes every day to continue to surprise the customer.

Sustainable growth

The collection now consists of more than 70 different varieties, and there are around 50 varieties in various test phases. To continue to meet the growing demand, we are moving from 60 hectares to 86 hectares in 2019. There will be a continued focus on digitisation and sustainability in 2019 to increase the availability of the complete collection. For example, a new ERP package is currently being implemented and the web shop will be completely renewed in the second quarter. Last year, we obtained the MPS GAP certificate to comply with the FSI 2020 protocol, and Zentoo chrysanthemums are grown in a bee-friendly way. We will continue in this sustainable direction as we roll out the compostable Easy-Bio Sleeve.

Through its participation with World Horti Center, Zentoo wants to increase the innovative power of the floriculture sector and further strengthen collaborations within the chain. The mix of the different companies in combination with education and research creates an ecosystem and a source of new ideas and initiatives.

"World Horti Center is a source of new ideas and initiatives"