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Robotics innovations and sollutions

Learn more about robotics innovations and solutions in greenhouses. How are robots handled within greenhouses and how sustainable technologies are part of a process?

Each year, the use of automation and robotics increases in greenhouse hoticulture. There is a lot of eperimentation, demos are tested and innovative crossovers are developed in collaboration with technical and agricultural universities. Current 'robotics' innovations and solutions offer insight into stat-of-the-art technological developments in greenhouse horticulture, from sensoring and robotics to data and artificial intelligence.

World Horti Center takes an active role in these developments and is the initiator of RoboCrops together with InnovationQuarter, Province of South Holland, TU Delft, Greenport West Holland and Robohouse Delft. The aim of RoboCrops is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. In order to achieve this goal, multiple events are being organised.

Robotics innovations and solutions within horticultural sector are shown in this interactive animation.