We are happy with Nick's enthusiasm and passion

Business & Management student Nick Dupon went to Spain for his internship at one of the largest cuttings and cut flower growers, Dümmen Orange. Commenting on the internship, Nick said: "The people were very helpful. They calmly explained my tasks and showed me how to approach them."

At the company, they say that if you don't dare to make mistakes, it means you haven't tried, and I agree." José Laserna, Financial Director: "We are happy with Nick's enthusiasm and passion."

You could really see that he likes his job

Nick: "I started in the finance department where I wanted to learn more and made a budget for the purchasing/sales department. My task was to make the peak sales moments visible, and it was cool to see that the commercial director used my conclusions for his strategy. I also walked around with the cultivation manager for two weeks to find out more information about the cultivation management process. You could really see that he likes his job and that also made me feel enthusiastic. After that I was able to work in the logistics department producing reports about incoming and outgoing freight."

Hard workers in the Westland

My internship supervisor said that I was a hard worker, but we are used to that in Westland with our internships and part-time jobs in the horticultural sector. After work, I often went out with my Spanish colleagues. I take Spanish as an optional subject, and during my internship my Spanish improved. In southern Spain they pronounce some words differently, so that was good to be aware of. I can now understand most things, but it still hard to speak it perfectly.

Working with Dutch students

"I see Dümmen Orange as a future employer and would like to start out in one of the small departments at the company, maybe in a commercial or financial position. My internship has also made me want a job where I regularly travel abroad. My work placement trainer in Spain asked me if I would do another internship, which is a great compliment. He came to visit me in the Netherlands, and we will keep in touch! José Laserna: "We like to work with the Dutch students with their knowledge for the profession".