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Online & Hybrid Events

World Horti Center offers ultramodern technical facilities to receive visitors offline and online.

Serveral video options, high quality sound and plenty of interaction with both online and offline visitors!

World Horti Center’s outstanding facilities enable online visitors to experience an event just as fully as the people physically attending the meeting. Thanks to our high-quality technology your event can be recorded professionally from three camera angles, with plenty of opportunity for interaction – not only with the venue but also with online participants. An international speaker? We can easily present him or her on our very own webinar platform. These facilities offer infinite opportunities for knowledge to be shared internationally!

An inviting venue for your hybrid event, with a substantial online reach!

Would you like to reach more participants than is currently possible or appeal to an international audience? If so, you can organize a hybrid event, a live streaming session or a webinar. With the latest technology, excellent facilities and sumptuous catering arrangements, World Horti Center is the perfect venue for your event, whether you will be hosting only physical attendees or organizing a hybrid variant. 

Our Rabotorium offers the same possibilities as a professional TV studio, which incidentally also makes the hall the ideal place to record a product presentation. After your event, you will receive a recording that can be edited by World Horti Center (for a fee). 

Please note that World Horti Center complies with the guidelines set down by the RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We maintain a proper distance, take into account the maximum number of people, and apply various measures to guarantee a safe visit. All informal gatherings are set up to ensure compliance with the 1.5-metre rule.

Hybrid event

A hybrid event is a combination of a physical and an online event. This goes beyond live streaming, as there are various possibilities for interaction with online speakers and participants. In this way, you can safely reach a large international audience from the epic centre of the innovative greenhouse horticulture sector. Would you like to give both your offline and online visitors a tour of this centre during your event? Even this is possible! We organize tours on demand, which we can be live streamed so that online visitors will also be able to take part. Click on the button below for more information about organizing a hybrid event and the various packages available. 


If you host a webinar all your visitors will attend your event online – with World Horti Center as an inspiring background for the meeting. Our webinar software offers numerous

Because the relevant technology is so new, we fully understand that you may not have any experience with organizing a hybrid event yet. We will therefore be happy to help you with the organization and take all the time needed to take you though all the relevant steps in advance. 

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