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Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture leads the world for professionalism, quality and innovation and is therefore part of the national Topsectorenbeleid (policy on leading sectors).

Horticulture is critical to the Dutch economy and even greater strengthening of this sector is a main objective of the Topsecorenbeleid. That goes with a good and contemporary education and knowledge structure of international allure. The implementation of the Topsectorenbeleid is governed by the Human Capital Agenda.

An important part of Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture is concentrated in the regions of Westland, Oostland and Barendrecht. Companies that together form the Greenport Horti Campus operate in the chain of breeding, supply, cultivation, trade, logistics, business services and engineering.

In order to ensure the long-term economic position of Greenport and to pick up new (national and international) opportunities, an action plan has been drawn up: Business Plan Greenport Horti Campus 2012-2015, also the Human Capital Agenda for Westland, Oostland and Barendrecht.

This program provides education and training of students and employees. It also emphasizes knowledge & innovation, internationalization and improving the image of the sector.

One of the objectives of the Greenport Horti Campus is network and campus formation with strong local agendas and inspirational facilities in Westland, Oostland and Barendrecht.

World Horti Center: part of Greenport Horti Campus Westland

In Westland, World Horti Center is the global knowledge and innovation center of greenhouse horticulture, where research, innovations, demonstrations and education come together uniquely. It is the international window for greenhouse horticulture.

World Horti Center is a collaboration between Demokwekerij Westland, Lentiz (MBO Westland), Greenport Food & Flower Xperience and the municipality of Westland.

What makes Dutch horticulture unique?

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