Our premises - World Horti Center

Our premises,
a sustainable masterpiece

World Horti Center aims to contribute to the health and well-being of people by providing solutions to social issues in the field of water quality, food supply, food safety and sustainability. That last topic got specific attention when we built our premises at the Middel Broekweg in Naaldwijk. The building has a green appearance because the exterior is dressed with planting. Inside green walls provide for a pleasant indoor climate and the feeling that you are outside. In addition, the property is future-proof and is built with respect for people and planet.

Besides its green looks, World Horti Center is also 'technically green'. The building is full of sustainable applications. For example, durable building materials such as aluminum and recyclable double glass (HR++) have been used and the building has a highly insulating acrylic roofing.

In addition to the insulating effect of the acrylic roofing, it also reduces 40% of the light and heat from the outside, resulting in a comfortable temperature during summer. The building also has an underfloor heating and cooling system that is connected to a heat pump that mainly runs on the 150,000 Watts provided by solar panels.

The greenhouse with its 6,400 m² research departments, has been built with state-of-the-art applications. Rainwater is used to grow the crops in the research departments. Climate-controlled windows provide natural ventilation and, in combination with horizontal screens, the indoor climate can be optimized. The construction of the four kilometer deep geothermal source Trias Westland at the nearby Lange Broekweg will provide for the energy supply of the property in the future.

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