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Stronger together

GB-profi about the connecting nature of World Horti Center

Trade magazine GB-profi visited World Horti Center. Journalist Tim Jacobsen noticed how important the physical presence of businesses, education, research and government really is. All these parties and their facilities seem to overlap seamlessly at World Horti Center, says the German journalist. This has a positive outcome on the innovation capabilities of the horticultural industry and the development of badly needed professionals. A great example of this physical connection is the All Climate Greenhouse. Not only is this a place where entrepreneurs and scientist work together on the latest horticultural developments. Also, this and other present technology forms a breeding ground for the new talents who are trained on location.

The upcoming theme pavilions (under which the Indoor Farming Pavilion) and the recently launched Online HortiXperience prove the leading role of World Horti Center as knowledge accelerator in horticulture once again.

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Published in Gartenbau Profi: Zierpflanzen. September 2020 edition