VIDEO: Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetable - World Horti Center

VIDEO: Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetable

During the mastercourse a group of promising vegetable managers from all over the world were welcomed by Hortilux in World Horti Center in the Netherlands. Hortilux, specialist in grow lights shared knowledge and insights with these young and inspiring professionals. 

‘Our future will belong to LED’

The Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetable is an initiative of Jungle Talks, supported by companies like Hortilux. The specialist in grow light invited the group of entrepreneurs at the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. Participants were treated to a diverse program, consisting of presentations and a visit to the impressive research facilities. At these facilities the group could view the products of Hortilux in practice. “Sharing knowledges is something that drives our organization. We want to enable growers to achieve the best results using grow light and for that we strongly believe you have to share knowledge”, said Managing Director Michèl de Wit of Hortilux. “It is again a great learning experience for us to understand our customers in a better way, so we can bring a better story in their language to them understand what can be the added value of the use of grow light.”

Exciting to be here

“I learned a lot”, said Marcin Krasón, Sales Director of Grupa Krasón from Poland. “We found out the differences between HPS lightsand LED lightsand we found out what is the best spectrum for each crop. So, I think the meeting was very interesting. In our production we only use HPS lights. Our customers want a strong plant and we can only do that with good quality lights. I know after today’s meetings we can also do that with LED. I think in our company the future will belong to LED.” Martin Peterson, owner of DK Plant from Denmark, agreed on that. “I think there were some good presentations that gave a good insight, but there was also room for questions and discussions in the group. There is much more to light than the eye can see. So, for sure I learned a lot and it is exciting to be here in the World Horti Center.” Peterson had been thinking about using grow light at his company to get a steadier production and to prolong the season. “Today gave a good insight and a good background. It makes me want to go back home and think about how we should proceed with this.”

Stéphane André, Consultant Grow Light Performance at Hortilux liked the diversity of the group. “There were people from Mexico, who never considered using grow lights in their county. And on the other hand, there were some people from Nordic countries. They were thinking of how to increase with grow lights and how to reach a higher level. That diversity made the whole meeting even more interesting, because we could all learn from each other.” All participants received a gift at the end of the day. Being part of Plant Empowerment consortium, Hortilux gave everybody the Plant Empowerment book. “Our philosophy when it comes to technology is that it’s not about technology itself, but it’s about plant physiology in relation to what technology can do to that”, said Michèl de Wit. “A healthy plant, a healthy crop is what we believe should be the purpose of the technology we sell.” 

Gepubliceerd door Goedemorgen Groenten op 21 februari 2020